Wedding trends......

There is no shortage of wedding trends, good and bad, but that's a blog post in itself. Some of the trends have stood the test of time while some last for only a season at most. It's a relatively good idea to stay away from the wackiest and far out of trends because some of them haven't aged well at all. I'm sure that the majority of people's perception and taste differs over the years which means that if you've followed the latest trend for this year, you may look back in a couple of years and regret your choices.

One of the latest trends that I can see lasting is the use of social media to your advantage for your wedding. Whether you love it or loathe it, social media is here to stay.

When planning your big day, social media can be great to help; it can help you decide what styles you like, if there are any particular themes you want to follow along with any suitable wedding vendors you really like (ahem...Mercer Green photography being one of those of course!).

Read on for one of the best ways to view and organise your wedding memories on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook etc ............

Personalised wedding #hashtags......

It's the 21st century and social media is everywhere along with every conceivable hashtag you can think of. I'm sure the majority of you will have already used a hashtag at some point even if it is to just say how delicious your tea was (#homemade) or how cute your dog is (#mydogisthecutest).

One of the latest trends is to have your own personalised wedding hashtag. For those wondering why you need a wedding hashtag, the simple answer is why not? They’re fun to have, they are super useful and they can make people laugh depending on how funny your hashtag is. 

Imagine waking up on your honeymoon, searching your own hashtag and seeing all the lovely pictures and videos of the drunken antics that your guests captured. It's like having all your memories from your friends and family all in one place.

How do I get one?

There are tons of different websites that will generate your own hashtag but some of the hashtags that are given out have already been used which will mean that your online content is mixed up with other peoples content.

Here is my idea for your perfect unique hashtag......

Why don't you set a night aside for you, your bridesmaids and groomsmen to get together, have a good drink and brainstorm the perfect personal hashtag. No doubt you will end up with some really unsuitable hashtags but i'm sure you will also come up with some crackers that you can use on your wedding day!

Some tips to get you started..........

  1. It may sound obvious but include your names. Surnames are far less common.
  2. Make it easy to spell (especially when drunk!).
  3. Instagram doesn't like rude words (groomsmen take note!).
  4. Is the hashtag unique at least for a few months.
  5. Use capitalisation at the start of words to make it easier to understand.
  6. Use a funny pun or catchphrase along with your names if possible.
  7. Include the date of your wedding to make it even more individual.

Here are a few hashtags to give you a bit of inspiration........

  1. #CheersTo____ And____2023 (insert first names)
  2. #CaptivatedBy____In (insert bride or grooms name)
  3. #____And____WedFest (insert first names)
  4. #2023PartyWithThe____(insert last name)
  5. #ItWasAlwaysYou2024
  6. #____Weds____ (bride and groom's name)
  7. #____IsHeadOverHeelsFor____ (groom and bride's name)
  8. #____IsOffTheMarket (bride or groom's name)
  9. #The____sWeddingShenanigans(last name)
  10. #____sWeddingWeekend (last name)
  11. #____Squared (last name)
  12. #____and____sNeverEndingDanceParty (bride and groom's name)
  13. #____and____GotThatForeverTypeOfLove (bride and groom's names)
  14. #____PutARingOnIt (groom's name)
  15. #____SwipedRight (insert bride or grooms name)

Tell your guests what your hashtag is..........

There are various ways to communicate your hashtag to your guests. The easiest way is to add it onto your wedding invitations and start collecting those images and videos on the lead up to your wedding. If you encourage your guests to use your hashtag leading up to your big day, the excitement will build massively and it will end up being the party of the century! On your actual wedding day, you could have your hashtag on a chalkboard at the bar so nobody can forget what it is, even after a few drinks.

I hope this blog has been helpful and I will look forward to seeing your personalised hashtags for your upcoming weddings. Don't forget to let us know what the hashtags are so we can also add to your collection of images!

Thank you......

for getting this far. Please keep an eye out for our upcoming regular Blog posts featuring our real weddings, helpful tips and everything wedding related.

Chris & Fiona

Mercer Green photography