Alice, Connor & CeCe

When Alice got in touch to discuss booking Mercer Green Photography for her wedding day, we quickly found out that CeCe would be playing a big part in the celebrations. At this point we just knew we had to include CeCe in our engagement shoot.

Alice first knew of Connor on her 17th birthday when he he messaged her to say he was jealous of her trip to Harry Potter world. Fast forward a week and they met up for the first time. The relationship grew and here they are today, making plans to spend the rest of their lives together with CeCe the cockapoo tagging along.

A few years after their first date, Connor went on holiday to Greece with Alice, Alice's mum Yvonne, her dad Ian and her sister Isobel and Isobel's partner, Lucy. It was during this trip that Connor had decided to pluck up the courage to ask Alice to step into a new life together.

"He asked, I said yes!"

Whilst out having a lovely family meal in Zia, at a mountaintop restaurant, the nerves were building up for Connor. Just as they were seated, Alice's dad, Ian, nipped to the toilet with Connor. After being gone for a few minutes, Ian returned with a worried look on his face, mentioning that Connor had gone over all faint. In a worried state, Alice rushed to the top of the steps to be greeted by Connor at the bottom of the stairs, nervously waiting, down on one knee. Alice immediately said yes and was shocked to hear her family clapping and looking on in delight. They had been in on the lovely surprise all along!

A rainy day in Sefton Park.

The forecast of light rain did nothing to dampen our spirits for our engagement shoot at Sefton park in Liverpool and it was a great opportunity to meet Alice, Connor and CeCe. We met up in the car park and after a brief chat, we headed off into the woodland with CeCe being far more excited and enthusiastic than Connor! I explained that there would be no awkward posing and we started off by taking a few shots of the trio while they were just walking along. Alice and Connor were soon at ease and started to actually enjoy having their photo taken. Alice mentioned about how much Connor seemed to be secretly enjoying his time in the limelight and CeCe certainly loved being the centre of attention.

The big day..........

Alice and Connor visited the stunning Owen House Wedding barn in Knutsford and immediately knew that this was the venue for them to become each other's better half. They fell in love with the venue and have decided to get married at Christmas with decor that matches the exciting time of year, including fairy lights, candles and Christmas evergreens.

The main colour theme for the wedding is a classy and timeless black and white.

Alice has recently been dress shopping with her family, including her grandmother and Connor's mum. While they were there Alice fell in love with her dream dress but is keeping it under wraps until her wedding day. CeCe did let it slip that Alice looked absolutely paw-some when she tried it on! (How terrible was that!)

The rain then started........

We had been out about 30 minutes and we were coming to the end of our shoot and it was evident that Alice and Connor had (hopefully) enjoyed themselves nearly as much as I did. I asked the lovely couple whether they thought that the session had been beneficial to them and Alice and Connor had this to say; "we were both surprised by how quickly we eased into the session and the thought of doing an engagement shoot was definitely more daunting than how the shoot ended up turning out. It has put us at ease and we are happy knowing that CeCe will be fine on our wedding day".

It was time for us to say goodbye for now but I did manage to pencil another shoot in for Alice & Connor down at the beach when the weather picks up! I really can't wait for this.


for reading this latest blog and also a special thanks to Alice and Connor for letting me write a feature for them. If any of our upcoming couples or past couples would like a short blog featuring themselves, please give me a shout at and I will get straight to it.


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