A Fairytale wedding at Styal Lodge

Nestled amidst the picturesque Cheshire countryside, Styal Lodge stands as a testament to nature’s beauty and architectural elegance. For couples seeking a fairytale wedding, this enchanting venue provides the perfect backdrop for a day filled with love, laughter, and cherished memories. In this blog post, we’ll explore Megan and Luke's enchanting experience, where dreams truly did come true.

The start of things to come ............

Megan and Luke first met in 2016 when Megan arrived in Perth, supposedly to visit and travel Western Australia for a few weeks. After falling in love with Perth, Megan decided to try and find a job to enable her to stay a bit longer and explore more of the lovely area.

Within a few days, Megan came across a job in a local pub called 'the Vic Hotel'. It was here that she met the handsome Australian, Luke, who was the manager of the bar ..............

The spark.............

Soon after the pair first met, Luke flashed Megan a look of his Chelsea FC tattoo while passing which was to be the initial ice breaker which ignited a spark between the couple.. The new friends spent hours together, having fun and chatting about Chelsea FC, but after six months, the news came that Megan had to move to a location which was over two hours away for regional work for her Visa.

It was at this point they both realised how much of a strong connection they had and how much they missed each other. Every weekend from then on involved the long journey to be together...........

The proposal............

Luke picked Megan up from work on Christmas Eve 2021, and took her for her first 'Christmas surprise’ at Kings Park and Botanic garden in Perth. The couple strolled hand in hand until Luke found the perfect spot. He set the scene by laying out a cozy blanket for them sit on as they shared glances and engaged in fun conversation.

The serene sound of nature provided a soothing backdrop as the sun bathed the park in a warm golden glow. Under the fading sunlight, the ambience made it the perfect opportunity for Luke to ask Megan for her hand in marriage.

Luke had already asked Megan's parents permission first but he thought it would be lovely to have Megan's mum and dad on FaceTime to let them know the news. Unfortunately, the signal kept dropping out for Megan's Mum, and Megan's Dad was halfway up scaffolding in gale force winds!

The venue..........

Getting married at Styal Lodge is like stepping into a fairytale. With its enchanting setting, versatile spaces, exquisite cuisine, impeccable service, and the promise of breathtaking photos, it’s no wonder that couples choose this hidden gem for their special day. Styal Lodge is where dreams come true, and your wedding day will be nothing short of magical. If you’re seeking a venue that combines nature’s beauty with architectural elegance, look no further than Styal Lodge—it’s a place where your love story can truly blossom. Megan chose Styal Lodge via FaceTime with her mum, all the way from Australia. As soon as Megan and Luke saw the venue on screen they knew they had to book there for their wedding day. The venue was decked out in a gorgeous Gold, white and dusty pink theme and Megan incorporated some Aussie aspects such as Australian place names for the tables etc. Mushy peas were on the menu as a nod to her English guests though.

The Dress...........

Megan had already fell in love with her dress online at www.katesbridalroom.co.uk in Clitheroe and she knew she had made the right choice as soon as she saw the beautiful dress at her first fitting session.

Interestingly, over lunch with her mum and sister Katie prior to her first visit to the bridal shop, Megan asked her mum and sister Katie to look online and pick out a dress which they would choose for Megan - They both seperately chose the same dress as Megan!

The girls........

Megan was joined by the beautiful Katie, Rebecca, Zofia, Danika, Chloe and the very entertaining Sophie who kept us all in a party mood by singing and dancing all day!

The boys.........

Luke was joined by the handsome Jonty, Cameron, Brendon, Tommo and the three live wires who are Kyden, Zayde and Teyo!

The ceremony.........

As the wedding ceremony begins, soft music plays in the background, setting a romantic tone. Guests turn their heads as the doors at the back of Styal Lodge open. Megan, radiant in her wedding dress, steps onto the aisle, arm in arm with her dad. She is smiling as she takes each step, her eyes locked onto a very excited Luke. She clutches her flowers, and her gorgeous dress sweeps behind her. Guests watch on, with many of her family and friends shedding a tear. It's a heartwarming scene that captures the essence of the wedding.

Luke's family and friends had travelled nearly 10.000 miles (especially Jonty and Chloe who travelled from Canberra and the Solomon isles respectively) to see and support the couple in starting their new chapter together.

The first kiss at a wedding is a deeply symbolic and emotional moment.

With heartfelt vows exchanged and rings placed on each other's fingers, Megan and Luke stood face to face as the officiant announced "You may now kiss the bride"

The applause and cheers of their family and friends filled the air as the couple smiled at each with extreme happiness. It is the beginning of a new chapter in their lives together.

Immediately after the ceremony, All of Megan and Luke's family and friends made their way outside for arguably one of the best photo opportunities of the day - The Confetti!

The speeches were a lovely mix of heartfelt expressions of love, well-wishes, memories, anecdotes and toasts to the newlyweds.

To round off a perfect day.............

After dinner, the dance floor became the focal point. The newlyweds shared their first dance as a married couple, and then the party truly began. Guests joined in the dancing, creating a joyful atmosphere of celebration and fun. As the sun began to set and the stars emerged, Styal Lodge came alive thanks to the help of the amazing Becca and mick from Luxbayduo (www.luxbaymusic.co.uk) who are an amazingly talented Vocal and Guitarist duo.

As soon as the guys finished their set, it was onto the biggest surprise of the day; An ABBA tribute made up from wedding guests including Megan's mum Diane! They all performed brilliantly and it made everyone's night!

After the guests had finished their Abba tribute, the baton was passed over to arguably the finest event DJ; the amazingly talented and loveable Andy Murphy (www.andymurphydj.co.uk) who kept the party going until the early hours.

We did have a brief interlude during the evening to get a bit of fresh air and to take a sparkler photograph before everyone got too drunk to not be trusted with sparklers.

The first dance.....

Megan mentioned that it was a challenge to find a song that they both liked and had meaning to them. They found the perfect song after a bit of looking; 'When you say nothing at all' by Ronan Keating.

ABBA tribute........

The guests even had matching ABBA outfits to get changed into!

The party.........

DJ Andy Murphy, Becci and Mick (from Luxbayduo) kept the party going into the early hours with bridesmaid, Chloe, partying on the dance floor from start to finish.

Congratulations and all the best for the future

It was an honour to spend your most important day with you both.

Much Love,


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