In the world.........

of wedding photography, couples are increasingly turning to documentary-style photographers to capture their special day. Unlike traditional posed shots, documentary wedding photography focuses on candid, unscripted moments, providing a genuine and timeless representation of the celebration. Read on for several compelling reasons why booking a wedding photographer with a predominately documentary style can be incredibly beneficial to you on your wedding day.

Authentic storytelling

One of the key advantages of documentary wedding photography is its ability to tell a genuine and authentic story. Instead of orchestrating moments, documentary photographers capture real emotions, interactions, and reactions. This approach allows for a more honest and heartfelt story, reflecting the true character of the couple and their wedding day.

natural and emotional images

Documentary photographers excel at capturing the raw, emotional moments that make weddings truly memorable. From the laughter shared between friends to the tearful hugs of happiness, documentary photography freezes these unscripted moments in time. The result is a collection of images that create powerful emotions that will last for your lifetime.

Timeless and lasting MEMORIES

The timeless quality of good documentary wedding photography ensures that your wedding memories remain relevant and cherished forever. By avoiding trendy poses or overly stylized shots, documentary photographers create images that withstand changing fashions, allowing couples to relive their special day with a sense of nostalgia. This is also the main reason that I edit your wedding photos in a true to life style with none of the latest trending editing that, in ten years time, you will look back on and make you shudder.


Documentary photographers adopt a fly-on-the-wall approach, allowing them to capture moments without interfering with the natural flow of the day. This unobtrusive presence enables couples to fully relax and immerse themselves in their wedding experience, resulting in more authentic and spontaneous images. Nobody wants to be running around making sure everywhere is tidy for the 'perfect' photograph. Embrace the imperfections and re-live your day exactly as it was. The more at ease you are, the more you will enjoy your photographs forever.

Complete story coverage

With a documentary style, every part of the wedding day receives attention. From the pre-ceremony preparations to the lively dance floor celebrations, documentary photographers aim to capture the complete story. This comprehensive coverage ensures that no significant moment is overlooked, creating a true representation of the entire day. Instead of hunting around for the perfect backdrop with the wedding couple in tow, I will be capturing you, your family and your guests having the most amazing day with the people they love.


Documentary wedding photographers often develop a personal connection with their couples. By understanding the couple's story, preferences, and vision for their wedding photography, photographers can better tailor their approach to deliver a collection of images that the couple absolutely love. As for my couples, I try my absolute hardest to gain a connection with not only them but also their family and friends. I've not done my job if I don't come away from a wedding with a few new friends!


Ah, this is a blog post in itself but I will try and keep it as short as possible. Group photographs are a very traditional part of weddings and documentary photographers generally forego any group shots at all but I do understand that a few group photos are still required on your wedding day, especially for your grandparents and parents etc.

I generally advise my couples to keep their group photos to a maximum of 8 if possible, which will take anywhere from 30 - 45 minutes. Yes, in theory it shouldn't take this long but in my experience it is generally a few minutes per photograph especially after I have been to the bar to collect your Uncle John to then get back to take the photo to find that your Auntie Jean has gone to the toilet while I've been gone!

If your family and friends are stood around for an hour plus, sometimes in the baking sun (or wind and rain!) it may not be a nice experience for them. It also means that I'm not able to be there with everyone to capture all the special moments that are going on.

Try to keep the group photos to photos with your grandparents, one with your parents and siblings and one with your bridesmaids and groomsmen. After these are done, go back to enjoying your day!

A lot of your group photos will only be glanced over and probably won't ever be printed off so enjoy your day with your family and friends instead of spending hours trying to find and coordinate your guests!

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